I’m getting incredible results, I really enjoy the process. The way I approach marketing, sales, business, and leadership is a lot more refined and confident than it used to be. Our conversion ratehas increased from 30-35% to consistently 45-50%over the last 18 months with a strategic shift to project types with a better fit for the business and our clients. This feeds back positively into the culture and the overall success of the business:
Staff are engaged, challenged, and rewarded through great projects and client groups. We are winning better jobs and we’re winning jobs without compromising on fees and conditions – it is about making a strategic decision and then adjusting mindset, focus, marketing messaging, and sales approach accordingly.

Dom Bennett, Managing Director
Bennett Murada Architects

A unique ability to grasp the core issues, challenge held “beliefs” and get teams to focus on the matter at hand. Having Annlone as an independent person to challenge and ask questions, allowed people to think through without personalities, relationships or historical silos coming into play. This allowed for outcomes which could be jointly executed.

Karen de Leeuw

Annlone is bad-ass & fun.

Michael Taylor, CEO

As a business owner herself and with a background in the corporate world, Annlone brings commercial acumen and business smarts to the table, which I found particularly valuable. The coaching and mentoring sessions were really enjoyable and always positive and practical. I always felt in safe hands.

I went from being completely overwhelmed with doing ‘sales calls’ to being much more comfortable with the process and able to have those deep authentic conversations with much more ease. In the first two weeks after the training and our coaching session, I had converted 100% of my initial discussions with clients to follow up calls with more information and a progression into meaningful connections. I also realised $10k in sales in 1 week where previously I’d had a hit and miss cash flow situation, with none some months.

Julie Jones, Owner
Ocean Flow

An hour with Annlone is like a week on an island. You come out refreshed, orientated and clear.

Nick Wormald, Managing Director
Grow Capital

An extraordinary energy and a laser-sharp focus. Our coaching sessions over the past year have been invaluable to my business, and Annlone has supported me to make important changes that have had a significantly positive impact. She is highly professional, reliable, and knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm and friendliness make it easy to work with her and she is wonderful at building confidence and capacity.

Nikola Ellis, Director
Adore Yoga