Get on which horse??!!

‘Get back on that horse’ is what some of us are telling ourselves around this time of year. If you haven’t found the motivation or drive to get things moving, to bring the best version of you to work yet.

You may be stuck in holiday mode still, or this year we have a new variant: why bother planning or applying myself, last year proved it’s to no use?!!

Here’s the thing: it’s not that we should NOT plan. It’s not that we should NOT get back on that horse. It’s not that is NO use.

It’s defining clearly WHICH horse we want to get on – and planning for it in a way that motivates us.

Motivation comes from within. And when the vision and the reason why is clear, there is no stopping us. On the other hand, I can teach you all kinds of strategic planning tools to help you set a direction and plan it out – it will make no difference if you’re not feeling it. If you’re not tapped into a meaningful vision and purpose.

So, if you’re still waiting for that motivation to appear, here’s the sad news: it won’t. Not by magic or by waiting. It will when you take action.

Let’s use the good old story from nature: have a look at a mother duck and her ducklings if you get a chance. When do the ducklings line up? Not when mother duck has created the strategic plan and told them what to do. They get in line and start moving the second she takes her first step forward.

Enjoy getting back on a horse. No matter which one is the right one for you. Take that first step. In the stirrups. Off you go.