Why so serious?

Belly laughs and giggles are not usually linked to big business decisions. Why have we created a world where serious equals important? Why so serious?

What if the best decisions and the best teams are those with belly laughs or at least a smile? Reaching decisions through playfulness, through applying all of our abilities as humans.

No matter how strategic and serious the content is, we don’t have to look and sound as if someone just died as we discuss the situation. Of course, the facts and the analysis will be ticked, and of course the brains are switched on and sharp. But serious doesn’t equal great.

Serious is often a mask, trying to make the others and us believe we’ve got this. We’re on top of it. We know our stuff. Pretending to mask the deep-down fear we all work on or against most of our lives: of not being good enough.

The funny kid at school used jokes and laughter to mask not fitting in, found an alternative way to connect with the tribe than being the smartest or the best looking or the best at sports. Many good stand-up comedians started their career path right there.

Others (yep, me included) stayed serious and hardworking to show myself and others that I was good enough. That I was on par with if not better than the boys. That my parents could be proud of me – because of my abilities.

Why should serious be better than fun? Or fun be better than serious?

Let’s mix it up. Bring the unexpected. Bring all of ourselves to the table. At work, with friends and at home. Bring the vulnerable, the honest or serious when we normally would just have laughed it off. Bring the laughter and lightness when we would normally have put on the Serious Parent or Important Manager look.

Let’s loosen up those management corner offices. Let’s bring life and light and presence to our most important decisions. Let’s leave the predictable masks in the dress-up box. Why so serious? Let’s be sharp and light.