Can fish be bossy?

My feet were loving the water in the local waterhole (nature’s one – not the local licence-needing-outlet). I was sitting observing all kinds of fish, but quickly my eyes were attracted to this group of tiny fish. Observing their patterns, their behaviours, especially one of them was sticking out of the crowd. Not being like the rest.

That particular, tiny fish was being so busy. Other of its kind were just slowly cruising, but this one was moving erratically all over the place. At great speed. Chasing – not as a predator – but chasing its own kind, the smaller ones. Being really bossy.

It dawned upon me: it must be the teacher! Like observing a poor teacher trying to herd kids on a school excursion. It was like watching Nemo in real time – or is that in the sequel? Anyway. How extraordinary to see so many of one kind, and yet one being so different.

When are you being one of a kind? And when are you disappearing in the crowd, with safety in numbers? No judgment – neither right nor wrong. We choose different roles in different environments and for different purposes.

Well, I learned one thing that day: fish can be bossy! I saw it right there!