Driving like Madmen

What else are we really bad at when we haven’t done it for a while? With so many people having laid low, working from home, self-isolating and whatever else it was called last year, did you also notice how badly traffic flowed?

Breaking, queueing, aggressive, passive.

Driving like madmen.Driving behaviour that wasn’t up to normal standards. Too many people out of the habit, now leaving too late or just not being in the groove with smooth, friendly driving.

I know that you only observe what’s on your radar – so maybe I was a bit rusty, too? But it made me wonder which other things we get bad at when we haven’t done them for a while.

Let’s move those muscles again, take responsibility for our own standards, whether it’s the driving muscle or other parts of your work or life muscles you’re realising need to get back into shape. Happy New Year!