A collective bone rehab?

Have you ever had a bone operation? In some client sessions this week we touched on collective fatigue, and it reminded me of the rehab needed after a bone operation.

Even if some countries may have the sense of being out of the woods, there is a long journey still for all nations and communities.

The past year has impacted businesses, results, processes and opportunities – and demands a change in how we lead and run our businesses. It won’t go back to how it was.

There is indeed a long journey of recovery ahead for all nations and communities:

Recovery of financial burden and loss. Recovery of emotional burden and loss. Recovery of relationship burden and loss – from realising how different and out of touch we were when we had time to get closer or when we were forced to work apart.

Recovery of value alignment, as we realised how different our value sets were in our communities when each of us had to define our views and behaviours around vaccination, staying home in lockdowns, and homeschooling – and how an “us and them” mentality crept to the surface.

We don’t have to sit and wait for it all to recover. Like a bone after an operation: you need to start your exercises and rehab to get better. You can’t just sit and wait until it’s ready to go full speed again.

That’s our journey. Exercising and rehabbing views, beliefs, actions, and plans. Going back out into the world and our businesses mentally to build new understanding, new ways and new strength.

Even where we are still restricted, the exercises need to get started, just like for the restricted bone. Welcome to our collective bone rehab!