Don’t ask to confuse!

When did you last create murky waters? Some weekends my local creek meets me murky – other weeks it’s giving me a full, clear view of every stone and bend underneath the surface. My local creek indeed has many faces.

If I take off my running shoes and cross, a clear day will give me an easier passage: I can look for a path without dips and deeper holes, I can avoid rocks and fallen branches. The crossing could be smooth, fast and simple.

On a murky day, I may not even want to get my feet in the water. What could be hiding under the surface? Not to mention the struggle and dead-end-attempts I could encounter – arrgh, I may even get my pants wet if pulling them up is not enough for the deeper dips in my way?!

This goes for our businesses and life, too. Seek clarity. Create clarity. Allow yourself clarity.

Don’t ask to confuse. Don’t analyse to the point of overwhelm. We can actually whip up murky waters on a clear day. For no other reason than being confused ourselves. Or just frustrated or bored.

But one thing I know: last week when it was crystal clear, I saw rocks and noted good passages I had never been able to spot before. With that in my mental backpack, any future passage will be an easier one, murky or not.