I knew I could

Sometimes on my morning jog, I go up a stretched hill to challenge myself and get the heart beating a bit faster.

My speed being nearly non-existing towards the top, reminded me of the Dumbo Disney movie, the part where the train is climbing up the hill and the (inner voice) is commentating: I think I can.., I think I can….,  I think I can…….., I think I can…………………… (clearly gasping for air and belief at this point).

As the summit is reached, the immediate mountain conquered, the train starts its downhill descend and the commentary changes: I knew I could……….., I knew I could……., I knew I could.., I knew I could, I knew I could!

Speed and confidence pick up.

The last few years in many ways have been an uphill battle for so many of us in many ways.

Each time we may have come over one hilltop, another bigger one appeared out of the blue.

This is a reminder to us all, that when it seems hardest, it’s often because we’re getting to the turning point, the pointy end. We just need that stamina to last a little longer.

And then we need to remember to celebrate and pat our own shoulders (physically! Do it right now!!) for the milestones big and small:

I knew I could!