Entitlement is never charming

I had a conversation with a leader not long ago. About how we all notice the employees who are grateful for having a good job and for the great challenges and the appreciation that come their way.

And then we may try not to think of those other ones who ooze that sense of entitlement. It’s never charming, is it? Giving that silent hint of feeling belittled by only getting a mug or six muffins from their boss as “welfare pack”, when their neighbour/friend/partner (continue the list yourself – they definitely do) got a voucher to a home brewing kit.

We can all have moments and periods where we end up in the “wrong bucket” of feeling sorry for ourselves, comparing what we’re (not) getting, feeling overlooked.

But it’s our own responsibility as adults to move out of that bucket and into the other bucket.

The bucket of gratitude. Helpfulness. Thinking of others and the bigger picture more than staring at our own feet. Seeing opportunities. Looking for collaboration.

It’s easy to spot in others – let’s remember to keep an eye and ear out for our own daily choice of bucket, too.