Look at me go!

In the middle of my morning stretches, I noticed an ant. Not any ant. The ant. The one and only. The one and only carrying a flower seed 5 times its own size. Just pause for a moment and imagine yourself carrying something in front of you: in stretched arms, 5 times bigger than yourself. Impressive.

It was very determined, this ant, it had a clear direction. It was holding its head high – including the precious cargo, carried in front of its body.

At some tricky inclines, it turned around to drag the goods up, only to quickly turn around and continue ahead, the goods high and safe.

This is where it dawned upon me: why weren’t the other ants helping?

Was this ant one of those not wanting help? Was it anticipating the bragging rights when getting to the destination: see what I did, all on my own!! There were plenty of other ants around, running their patterns and messaging each other – but no one was communicating with this strong, lonely rider.

In business and life (and nature, it seems??!!), we too often get caught up in doing it all ourselves. Compared to taking a minute to contemplate how others could help – and add value, oh dear – to our own brilliant plan.

I’ve done this way too many times myself. Can you recognise the lonely ant powering through? Could you do with some company, teamwork and a good laugh? I know you don’t NEED it, but just give it a thought?