Træer gror ikke ind i himlen

The drawing was nearly like a family tree. Except for this tree being by choice.

A piece of paper, my handwriting, documenting my key friendships through life. Done 10 years ago to illustrate the organic and unpredictable nature of friendships.

A conversation starter supporting our daughters through phases of tricky friendships. Sharing how some friendships last for a short time, some for a lifetime, and how some only appear as we move through life.

Because my little note was done a decade ago (and only turned up because of a big clean-up), it was pleasant to notice new names, new friends, having come into my and our lives since.

A good little reminder to our children and ourselves, that people you don’t even know yet, may come into your life and play a meaningful and important role. In work and in life.

A simple pen drawing of branches that expanded and continued to the top of the paper. Other branches stopped growing – and that’s OK, too.

The drawing was nearly like a family tree. Except for this tree being by choice.

”Træer gror ikke ind i himlen”, but when it comes to friendship trees, you can just add another piece of paper with some sticky tape and keep drawing.

What does your Friendship tree look like? Draw it, and you’ll be surprised to see names that you had nearly forgotten. Friends who meant a lot to you at the time.

It can also bring to the forefront new branches and thick and solid connections you may take for granted. Seeing it there, on paper, sounds like Elton John: “how wonderful life is while you’re in the world”.

What would you plant if your friendships, life, and business were a garden? Which branches would you allow to grow?

In business and life, appreciate those around you and mind the conditions.