My first book ready for launch!

It’s been a minute since you heard from me here. Well, it was May, to be more specific. I shared how I was going to take a pause in writing and sending you my blogs. The pause served its purpose: My first book is ready and available globally! Yeah!

I trust this inspires you to get intentional with what really matters. Set yourself and the team a clear goal and deadline, and you’ll be surprised what we can make happen when we’re fully focused. We make decisions differently and prioritise with clarity. Well…. sometimes we get a bit less sleep, too, but in this case, it was worth it. After the book launch, I can sleep my normal, long nights again. This goes for all of us: if it’s for a defined period, we can adjust and make things happen – and then go back to our normal setting.

For those of you curious, I’ll share a bit about the book: Goodbye Superwoman. 52 blogs.

If you enjoyed my Kick and Carrot blogs over the years, this is the opportunity for a good present for a friend or a book to enjoy yourself. If it’s not for you, totally fine as well. I’m proud and excited to have created a book with more than 8 years of value, instead of just keeping it in a drawer. Now I can continue creating from where I am today. The pause button served its purpose. Thank you for your support over the years.

A bit about the book:

The Goodbye Superwoman book is the perfect bedside table book for the over-achiever. With 52 bite-size blogs, Annlone Dalhoff helps busy working women with kids realise how over-achieving and fixing everything is not the way forward. With a mix of directness, laughter and kindness, the blogs inspire you to kick perfectionism to the curb, so that you can start truly loving and living.

The blogs are extracts from eight years of A Kick or a Carrot blogging, part of Annlone’s journey finding her feet as a woman, a mother, a wife and a leader while becoming a certified Mindset coach and starting her Joy Hearts Coaching business – later Dalhoff Consulting – focusing on Leadership, Mindset, Business and Sales coaching.

A bit about the author (well, a lot of you know me – but here’s the book bio):

Nature and people lover, musician and mother of two, Annlone Dalhoff also used to be a bossy boss perfectionist. Twenty years of corporate life and moving her family from Denmark to Down Under while keeping sane, have given her some important insights that she wittily shares with us in this book.

How to get your copy?

  1. If you’re in Australia or Denmark, you can buy a physical copy directly from me. Please message me for details.
  2. No matter where you live, you can buy Paperbacks and eBooks through Amazon, Apple and other online platforms (Amazon Paperback in Australia or globally thanks for using We greatly appreciate your support in helping to spread the news!

Thanks for reading and commenting over the years, I look forward to being back writing and connecting. And thanks for helping us get this important message out to the world: we can’t continue running faster to fix it all and be everywhere for everyone. Time for a pause.