Would you choose Panic or Pause?

A clean slate can become scary when it’s more of an empty canvas or an empty page than a slate. What to write, say, draw or do?

ChatGPT and Open ai have taken some of that fear away when it comes to writing: ask a question and the lines appear right before your very eyes. No more empty pages as a starting point. Someone else has had a first go, and you can edit and put your spin on it from there.

This is harder with creativity or our life’s path.

When we build on existing ideas or takes, it may not move us as much, it may not strike a new chord or inspire us in the same way. It becomes a revised edition, compared to the beauty of a new thought, a fresh take on something that matters to you.

I’m choosing to pause. To have a break from writing my blogs and thoughts on life, business, and leadership. Not because of panic. Not because I’ve run dry of ideas. Simply because something else is knocking: Books.

I have read them, swallowed them, gorged, and delved into them since I learned to read. But now it’s time to turn the tables. To move from user to creator.

I’ve had ten book ideas for a while; waiting for “when I retire”.

But now it’s knocking. A slight sense of panic and fear? Yes. Would it be easier to just continue what and how I currently do? Yes.

I’m choosing a pause over panic. Pausing the commentary writing and giving myself space to dive. Into eight years of content, to create a collection of the best of my blogs as the first cab off the rank. 52 Sunday Blogs is the working title.

I don’t know where this will lead. I don’t know when you’ll hear from me again and how.

But I’m grateful for the journey we’ve shared over a decade so far. For the comments you as a reading community have gracefully given, letting me know from time to time that my words gave meaning. Created a kick or a carrot. Moved you. Were relevant. Thank you.

Have you got an area of your life or business where you need to pause? Not to panic, but to create space for something new?

As the song goes: we’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when.

No panic. Just a pause. See you soon.