Opposing strategies unite

I heard two people arguing in the supermarket. About something irrelevant. Something totally unnecessary to argue about.

(I know! Social experiences coming back after months of lockdown here in Sydney, where only one per household could go to the shops. This obviously created a very quiet soundscape for a while as those usual suspects people would talk and argue with weren’t next to them … hmmm…. ).

How much time do we waste sharing opposing views? For no reason or great outcome?!

Most of my inspiration still comes from nature – as there is not a lot else happening in my 5 km lockdown zone. So, let’s visit my local creek again.

This early morning, the tide was at its lowest – reminding me of the poor, attacked fish story [see the blog from 30th May this year]. Anyway, the tide had turned, and it was coming in, the water level increasing. It made me observe with fascination how the creek still moves water the opposite way, out towards the bay and the ocean, kilometres away.

This smooth merging of incoming and outgoing water stands in starch contrast to the many examples we see every day in our work and life of opposing forces, different opinions, conflicting strategies.

You don’t see the water making a big fuss about it twice a day as the tide is rising, do you?

Like in some martial arts (and boxing), rolling with the punches and not fighting against them is indeed a better approach.

How efficient and effortless would our days and businesses be if we allowed that? Instead of spotting every difference, commenting on every discrepancy, arguing every view?

I’ll bring the water’s solution back home with me this morning. Being aware of letting opposing strategies unite. Let’s see how it works for you, too?