A scary compliment?!

In our business network, we had embarked on a friendly, competitive mission and was looking for someone to buddy up with. One of my colleagues asked if we should buddy up, and that of course was great, but what really made me laugh was when he later shared his thinking around it.

He had asked himself: “who scares me the most and will give me the most value?”. My name had come upon his inner radar – and the story was afterwards shared with me as a compliment.

This made me really happy, maybe I’m weird, but when people see you for who you really are, that’s great. And even if I’m all smiles and good-hearted, high standards and always giving our best matter to me.

So, a great, spot-on, scary, compliment indeed. Thanks, colleague!

So, for the fun of it: what’s the compliment you would most like to get? Not just a nice, flattering one, but one that at the same time conveys that next level of who you really are?

Another favourite of mine that some of you may have heard in my workshops over the years is: “Annlone is bad-ass and fun”. That makes me laugh – because that is what working with me really is about.

What would be your two words?