Peace. And. Quiet.

Contrasts make us see clearly. No day without night. No quiet without noise.

Our recent lockdown made me see many things clearly. And it made me hear things clearer, too. All senses got sharpened, really.

How lovely it is to now have the bush back. Quiet. Just me and nature.

Without a lockdown crowd. Without a word. Selfish? Maybe. Or just happy that people now are mixing up the bush walks with socialising and beach days, too. It kind of spreads us all out a bit.

In the same way, to now have our home to myself for a few hours or days again now and then is like a gem, like a fragile occasion. Peace. And. Quiet.

Not because I don’t like my family. Or people in general. I truly do like people.

But it’s precious because the contrast exists.