Som tusinde stjerner

The water was glimmering. Glittering. Moving sparkles. And as one ingredient disappeared, the sparkles did, too.

It was a beautiful morning at my usual creek. All of a sudden, instead of looking at the water, I was looking at a sea of sparkles. Like a night sky full of those silver, glittering fireworks. Just without needing the fireworks.

Like sparklers given to your kids on New Year’s Eve – safe to hold and use indoors, but scarily sparkling and spluttering. The water was creating that magic right in front of my eyes – just without any sound or sparing me for the worry that one of the sparks would ignite my sweater or burn my hand.

And then the wind quietened. No more shiny stars on the water mirror. The mirror reflecting the sky, but in this case making up its own tricks in coalition with the sun and the wind. Here in my little wondrous scenario, a combination of wind, water, and sunshine had created a feast of sparkles for a brief moment. And then one ingredient disappeared.

Thinking back at a big year – is there an ingredient that you, the team, or the business needs to bring back?

Which ingredients make you spark? Has one of them been forgotten? Like when the wind softened and my water magic disappeared – the water and sun were still there, but the glittering, moving, fascinating sparkles had gone. It just looked like plain water on a sunny day.

In that moment, looking at the still water, I so wanted them back. De tusinde stjerner. The thousand stars that were playing, teasing, attracting me.

They will be back. Maybe when I forget to want them. Happy New Year.