There is always a next step!

I apologise to all the teams I’ve had over the years, to my family, to my friends: I appreciate how annoying it may be that I can always see (and point out) what a next step could be.

It may be more than 20 years in corporate and raising kids and co-running a family that did it. A work-and-life related injury so to speak. Should come with a warning label, really…

Planning ahead, seeing all the steps and pieces and alignment that are needed before we can get to the outcome, the task completed, that part of a project done. Well done.

There is always a next step.

Maybe because we’re delivering a project. Maybe because we’ve got a bigger vision. But maybe also because everything could always just get that little bit better.

“Wow, how far our communication has come… What would make it even better?”

This is probably the part that annoys some people. Is it about things never being enough? Is it perfectionism, always seeing the missing 1%? I’m not sure it is.

What if it is just being annoyingly driven? Being extremely curious about what more we can do and be?

There is always a next step. How exciting is that???