One stuck piece

The leaves, the dirt. The little things. They got tonnes of water stuck.

As I got the little things dug out and the water started passing again, bigger branches became visible. I could not have moved the big ones first. Didn’t even know they were there.

This could be in your gutters, in your street drains, in your business, in your life.

Little leaves and a smidge of dirt. Nothing fancy, big or dramatic.

It’s often the little things holding the big things back.

That was the case in the bush this morning. At the rock passage where rain-filled creeks tried to get rid of water, lots of it. Instead, it was only building up.

It’s often the little things getting us stuck. Holding projects back from moving.

Don’t walk past the little things. Sort them out. Now.

Yes, my hands and knees got wet and dirty. But it felt good.

UPDATE: this blog One stuck piece has the highest traffic we’ve seen so far, so I’m happy to share a recent sequel: Poking at full speed